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Singer Marya Speaks on Going Broke, Working in a Brothel

Songstress Mary Wanjiru Maina aka Marya has opened up on working in a brothel in a bid to make ends meet after running broke. 

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the mother of one addressed the allegations that were featured on blogger Edgar Obare’s platform sometime in late 2021. 

The Chokoza hitmaker admitted she associated herself with a bad group of women who presumably introduced her to the business after unsuccessfully seeking help from established musicians. 

“All I can say is that everything I did, I did for the sake of my son, that’s all I can say. Maybe people will never understand it; some can understand, some cannot understand but kuna level unafika you want your child to be happy,” she said. 

Marya said she associated herself with a bad group of women who presumably introduced her to the business PHOTO/COURTESY

At the time, she disclosed that she was trying to make a comeback in music but did not get any help from people she expected would help her.

“You’re going to people in the industry who have connections but it all went to deaf ears so nikajipata nimejiassociate na a bad group of women na ivo ndio jina ya Marya ilienda ivo,” Marya added. 

Marya also revealed how the story affected her after it was featured on Obare’s platform. 

“I don’t know if I was even strong. Sijawahi overcome hiyo story. It still hurts because you meet people na zile matusi anakuambia, and this is someone maybe you know, but someone anakutukana to your face but it’s fine,” she stated. 

The allegations of Marya’s association with a brothel were first featured on blogger Edgar Obare’s platform in late 2021 PHOTO/COURTESY

Marya said her woes started after her five-year contract with Ogopa Deejay expired forcing her to go solo, a move that saw her music career fail terribly. 

“Once the five year contract iliisha that was it. Nilikuwa natry nagonga ukuta and nikigonga ukuta narudi chini nikafika mahali najipata narudi back to the drawing board 

“Finances and sikuwa na manager, so I think I was too dependent on the fact that the Ogopa used to handle everything,” she said. 

She fell in love with a man who was residing in Dubai and after a while, she travelled to see him and later got a call centre job with the help of her then-lover. 

The job did not last long and as if that was not enough, Marya realized that she was pregnant with her first child forcing her to travel back to Kenya. 

In Kenya, she got another call centre job but within the year, the job was over. 

“Nilipata mtu alikuwa Dubai akanisaidia nikatry kuapply jobs and I got a call center job and that is where musically ilinitoka next minute blink of an eye nimepata mtoto 

“I came back to Kenya nikapata job, I took advantage of that ndio nipate stability ya mtoto, within one year the job was over,” she painfully narrated.  

Marya hopes to return to the music industry in the future. 

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She currently runs an online clothing business and she is also a brand ambassador for Designer Outlet. 

Marya and his ex-boyfriend Kevin during happy times. PHOTO | COURTESY

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