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Silas Miami Disowns Louis Otieno as His Father: ‘He’s Trash’

Silas Miami has finally explained his strained relationship with his dad, journalist Louis Otieno. 

In an interview with James Smart, Miami opened up about his upbringing and the tough memories he has about his father, who at one point disowned him as his son. 

The outspoken champ who lives in South Africa said the fact that his dad disowned him caused him physiological pain.

“I know he is genetically my father, but I don’t know this man. For years, only a few people knew that he was my biological father. Louis made it clear to me that he wanted nothing to do with me

“This hurt me for a very long time that I had to go through therapy. Louis is many things to people but me? He is trash of a father who didn’t care if I lived or died,” Miami said in part.  

Miami also termed his dad an abusive man who did anything within his power to inflict pain and suffering on him and his mother.  

He also disclosed that he met his father when he was 22 years old. 

“He made it his mission to break, belittle and embarrass my mother. I grew accustomed to this man’s absence. I grew resentful. I promised myself to suffer through everything I could to prove that I was worth his love. For a child, their missing father is their fault,” Miami claimed.  

Silas Miami said the fact that his dad disowned him caused him physiological pain and eventually pushed him away from the journalist PHOTO/COURTESY

In July 2021, Miami sparked reactions on social media after hitting out at his ailing mother, whom he termed abusive.

Taking to his Twitter page, he made a statement indicating that his mother was sick, however, noting that he learnt of her ailment through a third party. 

Miami went ahead to blast his mother claiming that she is too proud to tell him she is unwell due to their troubled relationship.

“I’m told my abusive mother is very unwell. But this information was relayed to me by a third party because she is too proud to reach out herself

“Even at death’s door, she refuses to swallow it and apologize that is what narcissism looks like. Sending thoughts and prayers,” wrote Miami.

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