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Signs you are not the main chick in your relationship

You are most likely get deceived that you are the main chick In a relationship whereas your the side chick.

Some men have mastered the art of cheating and would always wrap you into the world of fake promises and alternative truths.

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But, the signs that your man has another woman and is actually the main are pretty recognizable just if you don’t ignore them.

Here are some of the signs that you are the side chick and not the main.

He wants you off his phone

This has been a super hot issue since long ago. Generally, there are several opinions that argue couple should feel free to share each other’s phones, passwords, gadgets and privacy while others oppose.

However, some would pretend to be nice and give you there phones but that’s after they’ve deleted call history and all messages and blocked a couple of numbers.

Another sign is if the partner keeps changing passwords frequently and guards his phone 24/7 like a nuclear code.

Without doubts you are a side chick in the relationship.

He’s always ‘busy

Once you’re a side chick, he will always find excuses just to avoid spending special moments with you.

One of the biggest indication of you are not the main chick is when he avoids walking alongside your on the road or refuses attend celebratory ceremonies like Christmas and valentines with you.

If he has another woman, the main chick, he will always look for excuses to snub you that day.

Here you’ll understand that he has more efforts on the other woman than you.

Keeps you private

Most people would agree that low-key relationships work pretty well as there are no disturbances or unnecessary voices from critics.

On the same note, it can be unusual and really weird being in a relationship with a man who has never flaunted you to his friends, social media or even family.

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You really need to question the relationship if he doesn’t brag about you, there must be someone else he doesn’t want to hurt, but against shows off her as she is the main.

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