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Sheila Lumumba: Kenyans Demand Justice for Gay Lady Found Murdered in Her House

The internet has been awash with anger following the brutal murder of self-confessed lesbian Sheila Adhiambo Lumumba, well known as Leila.

Sheila, who was a vocal member of the LGBTQ community, was reportedly killed by six men who broke into her house in Karatina town.

According to the renowned human rights activist, Njeri Wa Migwi, the six reportedly gang-raped the victim and broke her leg before taking away her precious life.

“I just spoke to Sheila’s Lumumba best friend today, and we cried together. Today Sheila is dead, six men broke into her house and gang-raped her, further broke her leg according to the autopsy and killed this beautiful beautiful human in Karatina town,” said Njeri.

From the incident which is suspected to have occurred on Thursday, April 14, the autopsy revealed that the men stabbed the lady several times before enucleating her (removing her eyes).

Sheila Kwamboka. PHOTO | COURTESY

Sheila, who hailed from Siaya, was found naked in a pool of blood three days later after she failed to show up at her workstation. has learned that the deceased used to work in Nyeri and reside in Karatina at a place called Muthua, where they were attacked.

Her body has since been transported to Naivasha where the family resides then later to Siaya for her funeral.

The news of the brutal murder of Sheila supposedly due to her sexuality upset many Kenyans.

Through the hashtag #JusticeforSheila, the tweeps called on relevant authorities to act and bring her killers to book.

Pesh Opah said: “Only weak and insecure men will justify the killing of women no one deserves to die #JusticeForSheila.”

Stellah Kwamboka Ongori said: “Sheila don’t rest, haunt them to their graves, let them go through what they took you through.idiots.”

Richard Muthaka said: “This is awful! Am so so sorry! Such a terrible way to die. The culprits should be arrested and the death sentence carried out in the literal sense. Nobody deserves to die like this.”

Ndege Erick Mabeche said: “Lesbianism is a sinful act, but it doesn’t mean one deserves to die for being so. For no one is perfect and God loves us all in our sinful nature. People have become so inhumane. We should learn to accommodate one another regardless of their status.”

Ivy Ndung’u said: “Oh dear Sheila…. I’m so sorry that you went through so much pain just for standing in your truth. May you rest in power, as your family and community seek justice for you and heals.”

Jane Muiruri said: “I don’t see any problem to be lesbian or guy why kill somebody because how he or she feels towards his life beautiful Sheila you died young but those kill you their soul will not rest until their join you.”

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Carol Makandi said: “I hope Sheila’s rape and brutal murder will be treated with the seriousness it deserves and not swept under the carpet just cos she was a member of the Kenyan LGBTQ community.”

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