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Sean Andrew: Kibaki’s Grandson Says He Doesn’t Want Kids

Retired President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Andrew has disclosed that he doesn’t desire to have children in future.  

In a Q & A interactive session with his fans on social media, the content creator made the revelation noting that he made the decision a while back. 

“Just don’t want kids. It’s something I have known for a long time,” he noted.  

Sean also stated that he is not looking at getting into a long-term relationship but a good life and doing something good for humanity. 

“I’m trying to live a good life, something meaningful to humanity. If I can build something with someone well and good, two minds can always achieve more than one. Otherwise, I’m on my merry way,” he added. 

Sean Andrew also stated that he is not looking at getting into a long-term relationship but a good life and something good for humanity PHOTO|COURTESY

Sean’s last public relationship was with content creator Elodie Zone back in 2017. 

He dumped her after accusing her of partying too much and using drugs.

“Yesterday, my greatest fear was to lose you. Today I face this fear and say that I’ll just be fine without your hurt and toxicity. Go enjoy all your drugs and friends. I’ll just be fine,” Sean wrote on his Instagram page. 

However, in a Q&A session with her fans Elodie said that there were many reasons why she broke up with Sean but the main reason was that their relationship was toxic.

“There is a number of reasons, to just wrap all the reasons up in a sentence, it was a very toxic relationship. Whether you knew that person and me during the relationship or whether you saw what happened on social media after the relationship ended then you’d see for yourself it was a very toxic relationship.

“A lot of the posts are still up through screenshots and whatnot. There was a lot of hate and backlash primarily coming from his side. I’ve done my best to leave it in the past so what I can do is continue to grow, learn and keep going,” she said.

Born in 1993, Sean Andrew Kibaki is the most famous scion of the rather reclusive Kibaki family. 

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