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Sauna competition: Most dangerous sport in Finland

The Sauna Heating World Championships were held every August in Heinola, Finland.

The endurance contest started in 1999 after unofficial sauna-sitting that resulted to suspending a swimming hall in Heinola.

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In the year 1999, the championship had not gained much popularity but with time it attracted contestants and audiences from different countries.

The competition which entails bathing at extreme conditions takes place in teams which are ready to heat the sauna tents at a specific temperature.

A person who reaches the final and luckily wins or the winner gets to be awarded awarded with Savotta’s sauna tent and Harvia sauna stove.

Also two special prizes are offered in the competition. One for a team that manage to promote best the Finnish Sauna culture and another for a team that has most humorist costumes.

The competition, generally tests to see who can stay in a hot, sweltering sauna the longest.

Men and women are allowed to contest in the competition. Sometimes others do it for fun, to please their competitive nature or even sometimes to prove they have the most guts to withstand the fiery sauna heat.

The temperature are even figures you would never imagine, the sauna is pre-heated to 110°C with a humidity of about 10-25%.

This helps the body cool itself more efficiently as sweat can evaporate more easily.

However, health professionals advised against the game revealing that it is comes with great risk to people’s health.

Those who contested in the game always signed a legal form that agrees not to take any legal actions against the organizers before entering the sauna.

Not only health professionals opposed the game but also the Finnish society at large.

The sport was however ended in 2010 in after a finalist died. The events organizers announced that it was their last and would not hold another one.

The case was out aside by the court announcing that organizing committee would not be charged for negligence after thorough probe indicated that the man might have used some drugs prohibited by the organizers.

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