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Saumu Mbuvi says she doesn’t know baby daddy Anwar Loitiptip, Aeedah Bambi

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s daughter and media personality Saumu Mbuvi recently confirmed to her fans that she got over her ex-boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip.

In her recent Instagram response during a question and answer session, she proved that she is now only focused on living a positive life.

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A curious fan wanted to know whether her baby daddy contributes in supporting their daughter in any way.

Saumu’s answer left many in amazement after cleaning she never knew who Anwar is even after breaking up just a month ago and having spent many years together.

Sorry who’s Anwar.” She said.

The lass was further asked if her ex-boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip’s current lover Aeeda Bambi lives in her former home, her answer surprised many.

According to her she knows nobody by the name Aeedah and has in fact never had that name anywhere.

Sorry who’s that?” She answered.

Saumu Mbuvi has gotten over her ex-boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip. Photo. Instagram/ urban news

A month ago after their break up, Saumu revealed that her ex-lover cheated on her with her best friend Aeedah Bambi.

The mother of two even disclosed the reasons that led to their ugly break up. According to Saumu, her boyfriend was a drug addict something that she disliked.

What led to issues at home was his drunkenness and usage of other drugs. He said he beat me once because I was bipolar, but that is a lie. My problem was I was always scared of being single.

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So I got in that relationship pretty fast, I did not even take the time to heal from the previous relationships. So, it was later that he started showing me his true colours,” she said.

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