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Sarah Kabu Pleads for Help, Accuses Hubby of Taking Off With Kids

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu has accused hubby Simon Kabu of taking their kids away from her. 

In screenshots widely circulated on social media, the businesswoman hinted at a possible separation from her husband and thus the decision to take off with their kids. 

“For those who may not understand am done and dusted with him and thus why he took off with my kids under the care of one of his b*stards,” Sarah said. 

Sarah also warned the police from participating in the feud pitting herself and Simon. 

“To all the police out there. Never receive a bribe at the expense of a child losing their mother. Very very heartbreaking. You will pay with the tears of that child in the hands of strangers. The law knows why children should be with the mother,” she said. 

Saraba Kabu and hubby Simon Kabu PHOTO/COURTESY

In a separate screenshot, Sarah insinuated that the police had been involved in the matter and their kids handed over to the Bonfire Adventures CEO. 

She further claimed that she was forced into their marriage, which she termed toxic, to protect their business and public image. 

“Wah. This is Kenya! Again money has changed hands and my kids have been handed over to strangers plus their father. Can someone wake me up I am not dreaming

“How can you be forced to be in a toxic marriage because we are couple goals and to protect our business and its dependents at the cost of my life? God have mercy on those kids, I seriously need help, my friends,” Sarah said. 

The mother of two urged women to speak out in such cases. 

“Ladies if you find yourself in this situation never fail to speak out I now understand Lilian Nganga,” she concluded.  

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However, with Sarah’s controversial past, the claims could have been created to spark a debate and in turn be used to market their company ahead of Easter holidays.

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