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Sarah Kabu discloses women flock her husband’s inbox, send him unsavoury photos

Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu recently disclosed that ladies have been flocking her husband, Simon Kabu’s inbox with ridiculous offers in a bid to woo him.

The MD made the revelations in a recent interview where she was asked whether she has access to her husband’s phone.

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Sarah disclosed that most of the women hitting on her husband are in their early 20s.

“Our DMs are handled by our social media team. Some of those inboxing him are very young girls, straight from high school or in college,” she said.

The mother of two further stated that even older women hit on Simon, with some taking it a step further by sending him ‘funny-funny’ photos.

“Sometimes you even find women in their 30s sending their unsavoury images to him,” Sarah said.

Sarah added that he believes her husband is not the only CEO that is getting advances from young women who are only interested in their money.

“I was told the women go to LinkedIn and look for the men’s positions. They look for them on Facebook, start liking and commenting on all their photos until they get their attention,” she said.

In a previous story on, Sarah responded to a video of a lady saying she wanted to date Simon, the businesswoman said she had no time to babysit him.

“How for you expect me to deal with all the women who say they want him. Will I do my job or spend my time following up on him day in day out?

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“Let me take care of my kids. If a man will leave, he will. If he will stay, well and good. If he leaves me I will accept and swiftly join Tinder,” she wrote.

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