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Sarah Kabu: Businesswoman Explains Why Her Marriage to Hubby Simon is Over

Sarah Kabu, the co-owner of Bonfire Adventures, has opened up about her marriage troubles underlining that her union with Simon Kabu was over.

In a lengthy interview with ‘Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa is a foundation’ Sarah said she did not feel comfortable to continue living with her business partner and husband Simon Kabu.

“We have been discussing that we need to separate since I have not been comfortable with this marriage and I am tired of faking so we were in discussion. I wanted a peaceful separation and co-parenting and so on,” she said.

Sarah painted a picture of a marriage that has caved in after continuous blows by dramatic baby mamas.

She claimed that Simon’s two baby mamas have been interfering with her marriage since they gifted their children property on social media.

“Since we did the public display of gifting our children, they (baby mamas) have been aggressive,” she said.

She further decried the burden of her husband taking care of the other kids had taken a toll on her patience.

Simon Kabu and wife Sarah in their hey day setting couple goals. PHOTO | COURTESY

“You try to build your empire and then the money goes to support his blood. To me, they are not part of me. There is nothing we can do about it.

I take it as a charity project.
It has not been a big deal since I have been on the journey by even guiding him to some of the good schools he can take them. But for me, he should carry his own cross.”

The businesswoman however encouraged her fans not to give up on marriage even as she apologized for letting them down and painting a perfect picture of her marriage.

“I am sorry to disappoint you but let’s be real. Marriage is supposed to be a beautiful thing, if it is not working, don’t be the next statistics of what is happening every day.

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If there is anything that can be done to improve it, then work on it. For now, put us in prayers and it is going to be a journey.”

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