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Samuel Mugota: Detectives Releases Videos of Man shot at Mirema Conning People

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives have released implicative videos and images showing the dark life of the man who was killed at Nairobi’s Mirema drive.

Samuel Mugo Mugota met his death on the afternoon of Monday, May 16, after being shot six times by an unknown assailant, moments after he dropped a lady and her child.

Following his shooting over suspected ‘wash wash’ dealings, the sleuths have been combing the DCI’s criminal database to find out who he truly was.

Shockingly, from the research, it was confirmed that the 39-year-old was a renowned criminal.

The detectives said the man started stealing from victims at ATM’s in various banks before graduating into a full-time thug.

He reportedly hired over 50 beautiful, expensive-looking women and deployed them as drinks spiking agents at various high-end entertainment spots.

“Mugota headed an ATM and SIM swapping syndicate that operated like a mafia criminal organization, was a multi-millionaire with several real estate properties scattered across the city, a fleet of vehicles and 7 wives all living lavishly from proceeds of stupefied patrons in clubs most frequented by revellers.

nterestingly, none of the wives suspected that Muvota lived a double life,” the detectives said.

Stealing from ATMs

The investigation officers discovered that for the 11 years Mugota had engaged in criminal activities, he had been arrested over 30 times on fraud-related charges.

The many times he fraudulently accessed clients’ accounts at city ATM’s before sweeping them clean made him to be known by cyber security specialists in the banking sector.

The sleuths believe that the man worked with rogue banking officials who assisted him to clean up accounts in a matter of minutes. He particularly had a preference for Co-operative bank ATMs.

He began his dirty deals by hanging around city ATM’s where he offered to assist customers who had difficulties withdrawing money from their accounts.

Samuel Mugota’s vehicle. PHOTO | COURTESY

He would then approach the client offering to help.
At that time, he would insert the clients’ card then pretend to be facing away and ask the client to key in his password and first confirm the balance before withdrawing the amount they wished.

However, since the machines eject the ATM card first, he would get hold of the card as the unsuspecting client waited for the cash.

At this point, the man would swap the card with another and hand the happy client a fake card.
Woe unto the account holder if the account had a fat balance since he, would then visit different ATM booths withdrawing.

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