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Reverend Victor Githu’s Mother Says She Also Had Preaching Gift but Her Parents Were Unhappy with It

Wise men said an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so is the case of celebrity young Reverend Victor Githu and his mother, Judith Nduta.

Just like Githu, who rose to fame due to his incredible mastery of the Bible despite his young age, his mother said she had the same zeal for spreading the word of God when she was growing up.

However, in her case, she narrated that her family members did not like when she would pray so much that they would scold her for what they termed as being ‘crazy’.

In an interview, Victor’s mother disclosed that there was an uncle who used to beat her whenever she started her praying.

“Back in the day you wouldn’t say you have talents, but I loved the church so much. Even in my family, I was the one who used to pray the most.

One of my uncles did not like me, he used to beat me and tell me he does not like ‘my craziness’ but I thank God now he tells me, ‘we never supported you, now support your son,” said Nduta.

Victor Githu’s mom Judith Nduta (second left) PHOTO | COURTESY

Having had a bad experience in her spiritual nature while young, the lady said she would do her best to support her 12-year-old son, who she said she understands has a special gift.

Victor’s mother also pleaded with social media users to stop trolling him over his special gift.

This comes after reports emerged on social media claiming Victor was among the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates and had scored 227 marks.

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However, his mum dismissed reports saying her son is still in Grade Six. Nduta said that though her son continues to be trolled online, he shines in his education and ministry.

“Victor is still in Grade Six, when schools reopen he will join Grade 7. It is not true that he sat for the exams. He is a brilliant boy who studies in an international school and performs very well,” she said.

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