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Reasons why love dies in a relationship

While love is beautiful, at times it can be very strange. One can easily find love, lose love, and find it again. In some cases, those that disliked each other can love each other, because love drives everyone close.

Being in a relationship can be the most sweetest thing, but again the best couple you are can end up ending your relationship. When just the love story feels like it’s in its climax, you can get disappointed.

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But what really causes love between to lovers to fade away? In this article we have highlighted few vital things that cause break ups.

Lack of Trust

Trust is vital in every relationship.Lack of trust in any workable relationship may bring about a setback.This is bound to ruin the relationship. For love to thrive trust is vital.


Never allow fear to take over you while in a relationship. Most of the time women tend to fear what the future would be like once the man leaves her or the relationship fails. Instead of being fearful, enjoy life and love with you partner.

Once you don’t build your love on solid foundation

When you fail to build your relationship on a solid foundation, it will fail. This is because foundation of where you build your love matters a lot. If you fail on this then it your relationship is most likely to fail.

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Lack of growth

When your are in a relationship that has no ripe fruits, you probably want to quit. It would be okay when the version of you keeps changing for the better as years goes by. Find way to enrich you relationship and never allow anyone to bring it down.

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