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Reasons to avoid Nairobi clubs

Even as clubbing is one your ways to enjoy yourself to the fullest, sometimes it can be boring.

It comes with its media and demerits. In Nairobi clubbing looks like a waste of time when especially someone doesn’t get the value his or her money in Nairobi nightlife.

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Partying in Nairobi is totally weird and different compared to other countries.

Here are some reasons you should stop partying in Nairobi.


This makes partying very boring. The clubs are always full with people of all ages from teenagers to old men and women. With this kind of crowd, you can’t make a single dance move without bumping on someone. And you wouldn’t like the smell that comes from the revellers sweats.

Drinks are overpriced

Almost all clubs in Nairobi charge exorbitant prices for drinks. They are on business and want some quick profits but careless about their customers.

Slow in serving their customers drinks

In this clubs, even though they get high profits, they would always hire less bartenders. This becomes hard for them especially when the club has its maximum. It might take up to 30 minutes or more for you to get a drink.

No seating space

The secret for getting a seat in these overcrowded clubs is to arrive very early. Once you come late just know you will be standing for the whole night. If you try arguing about seats you are generally getting yourself into a risk of getting kicked out by the bouncers.

They don’t play Kenyan music

Leave alone playing Kenyan music, they generally don’t play any other songs apart from Nigerian artists. This becomes boring as most of those in club want different taste of music. You will just waste you time and sleep that whole night without jamming to you favorite song.

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Overcrowded? Yes. Just be careful with you thing, avoid puting you phone in back pocket. Just turn it off and keep it safe.

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