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Rapper Nazizi on the receiving end after disclosing her origin

Legendary rapper Nazizi recently found herself on the receiving end after revealing that she was not a Kenyan.

Taking to her Instagram account, Nazizi shared about her family and origin.

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Nazizi had previously opened up about struggling with her identity because of her mixed race.

“Thought I would share a little bit of my family history and the origin of my name. My Father @firozhirji is half Indian and half Tanzanian. His father came from Kolkata and his mother from Mbozi which is in Mbeya, southern Tanzania. He named me after his grandmother. Na is the title for the firstborn daughter followed by their mother’s name. The literal meaning of my name is Na ( firstborn daughter of..) Zizi ( root in Kiswahili). Hence I am the firstborn daughter of the root,” Nazizi wrote.

It was when her revelation created a stir online with Kenyans questioning her why she always identified herself as a Kenyan.

Below are some of the comments from netizens.

Tonnie Mbüyü: “So you are not a Kenyan?”

Gitau Philip: “I thought Nazizi is Kenyan. I love her music though.”

Willis Otieno: “How about your mom’s side because this is now becoming more interesting, and how come you never said this since we knew about you in the early 2000s?”

Jeff Kiage: “So you are more Tanzanian than Kenyan. Please tell us about the Kenyan part of the story. Indian and Tanzanian, how did you end up being Kenyan?”

Munuhe Daniel: ” I always thought you are a Kikuyu from Kiambu, and Nazizi is just a stage name like Octopus, Baha, DMX. Indeed info is power.”

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Kibichii Maisz Arap Tabut: “The expanded ears was a Kalenjin /Nilotic culture. If you trace some of your roots that is where it might land you.”

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