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Raila Backs Woman’s Suggestive Speech at Azimio Rally: “Akina Mama Wafinywe Usiku”

Azimio One Kenya Alliance coalition presidential aspirant Raila Odinga has left netizens in stitches after supporting the sentiments of a woman during campaigns in Vihiga County. 

While addressing locals, Violet Maganda urged women to take up more political roles, supporting it with an analogy that women have been squeezed both day and night. 

“Wamama tumefinywa kwa siku nyingi… Raundi hii tumesema wamama tufinywe usiku pekee yake, mchana hatutafinywa,” she said. 

Before his speech, Raila supported her statement noting that women have decided to work during the day and the squeezing will only happen at night. 

“Mama yule amesema ati akina mama wafinywe usiku pekee yake lakini mchana wafanye kazi. Hawaezi kufinywa usiku na mchana vile vile,” he said in an hilarious manner. 

The video spaked hilarious reactions from netizens who made fun of the same. 

Daizy Dee: Yea, tufinywe na kufinyana usiku; mchana kazi. Hizi mambo za kufinya huwezi elewa sana. 

Michael David: But that is the truth. Mchana wamama wapewe kazi ndio wasitumike usiku pekee yake. 

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Hon Chege Majuice: Raila Odinga is a good man..he makes jokes thats why he is always happy unlike Sugoi. 

Joseph Austeen: Which is why we educate our daughters, sisters and wives. Let them be lubricated at night only, and work during day. The era of women for kitchen is long gone omera.

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