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Rachel Ruto Says She Prayed and Dirty Borehole Water in Karen Was Miraculously Purified

Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachel has left Kenyans talking after disclosing that she prayed for dirty water in a borehole located in their private Karen residence and it was purified.

The Second Lady said it all began in 2018 while on a flight from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) back to Nairobi when she landed her hands on a scripture that was talking about baren women.

While speaking to a group of clergymen that had visited their official residence, Rachel quoted various chapters and verses from the Books of Joshua and Kings.

“When the Lord spoke to me about this verse and this story of Jericho in 2018, I remembered about our water here in Karen. We drilled a borehole in 2003. When the water was taken to the lab for testing, they told us we could not drink that water unless it was purified,” said Rachel.

Consequently, she said her husband, Ruto, bought very expensive purifying machines and they occasionally changed filters but all was in vain as the vital liquid still had impurities.

All this time, Rachel said the Lord kept reminding her about what Elisha did in the Bible and she kept wondering what would happen if she prayed for their contaminated water. Would it be pure?

On Wednesday last week which is their day of prayer and fasting, she said she went to their private residence to see what was happening there.

She said the Lod again reminded her about the dirty borehole water and this time around, she decided to take the matter into her hands.

Mrs Ruto said she went to the kitchen, took a bowl, put salt and went to the borehole. At the site, she decreed the words of Elisha.

“I said, ‘this water, will never be dirty again’ and I sprayed the water around the borehole,” she said.

After two days, she said she noticed the water was looking very different and called her helpers to witness.

The water had miraculously turned clean and they started using it directly without the purifier.


Rachel’s testimony elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Miriam Mbugua said: “I believe her, for two reasons, she never told the testimony to call attention to herself but to give God the Praises. She had the backup from the Word of God, this wasn’t a show but an encouragement that God is able and will do according to His Word.”

David Kevogo opined: “Prayed for dirty borehole water in Karen…useless prayers that can’t help a normal mwananchi.”

Brilliant Shem Juniour said: “Pray also for dirty money to go back to taxpayers’ accounts after I check my account I want to comment hallelujah.”

Chuor Nya Taita said: “Ruto and co are really stretching the foolishness of UDA supporters beyond elasticity limit.”

Lucy Wangari Wanjiru said: “Even Noah was there. People laughed at him when he was building the ARK. No one believed that the floods were coming. But God hates mockery and I think he made it so worse for everyone who did not believe.”

Mueni Pasca said: “At least you’re giving God praises and acknowledging His presence. May He continue to remain the pillar in our lives.”

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