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Purity Wangeci: Boyfriend , 2 Other Suspects Arrested over KIMC Student’s Murder

Netizens have thronged social media to demand justice following the brutal murder of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) student, Purity Wangeci. 

The body of the 19-year-old student was found lying by the roadside near Mburiria estate with visible strangulation and stab wounds on her neck. 

Wangeci was reportedly killed by her boyfriend, 24-year-old John Wanyoike Kibungi, also known as VDJ Flexx. 

VDJ Flexx was arrested after being smoked out of his hideout in Kiringiti where he is said to have killed the beau and dumped her body elsewhere. 

He was arrested alongside his accomplices, Kanaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri who are claimed to have aided in killing and disposing of the body. 

During the arrest, detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), recovered a kitchen knife used in the murder from the main suspect’s waistband. 

In a statement, DCI stated that the deceased was in a relationship with VDJ Flexx for some time before she discovered that he was a thug and confronted him. 

A confrontation ensued over the his girlfriend’s findings and the murder suspect feared that Wangeci would report him to the authorities. 

“Wangechi had fallen in love with the killer and they had been in a relationship for some time before she discovered that he was a thug.

“She confronted him about it leading to a misunderstanding between the two. She, however, didn’t know that her lover was determined to cover his tracks by eliminating her,” DCI said. 

Following their break up, Wangeci is said to have left school on Friday, May 13 in a bid to mend their relationship not knowing that she was walking to her death trap. 

“On Friday, Wangeci left the country’s premier media institution to meet him in Kirigiti, to try and rekindle the dying embers of their once blossoming love. She did not know that she was walking into a death trap,” DCI added. 

Main suspect John Wanyoike aka VDJ Flexx (far right) and suspected accomplices Kanaiya Kamau and Brendan MuchirI PHOTO/DCI

Following the brutal murder of the 19-year-old, netizens have demanded justice for the family of the deceased and harsh punishment against the three suspected killers. 

@nduva_anthoni: If we speak louder on this, we stand a chance of avoiding another femicide case. Those involved should be made an example to all those with such intentions. Men and women!

@iamlesit: In any relationship, love is supposed be felt not owned! Once the feelings aren’t mutual, a peaceful way to part ways should be used. No one has the right to hurt anyone just because they no longer feel the same as they did before. May justice for Wangechi prevail. 

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@genekincaid: Why take away the life of such a beautiful girl with a bright future ahead. As her spirit shines all the way justice must prevail. 

@steve_ndung’u: Hammurabi laws should apply sometimes, our taxes can’t be used to feed murderers in prison, while the parents of the victims will grieve forever, let also the murderers parents feel the pain of losing a loved one.

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