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Precious Talent : Dagoretti South residents’ rage against MP John ‘ KJ’ Kiarie justified

Editor’s Note: Our blogger today is Justus Kimari. He gives his perspective on why he thinks the booing of Dagoretti MP by residents was justified. 

The booing of Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie at the scene of the collapsed Precious Talent School shows the level of frustrations the electorate is subjected to by some of the elected leaders.

It happened Kiarie visited the scene of the sad incident that claimed 7 lives and dozens injured but none of the irate residents wanted to listen to his address.

Even though he eventually addressed the residents amidst the booing, it was evident that the residents were frustrated that the man they had elected to represent them in the National Assembly appeared clueless and had failed to live to expectations.

With over an year since he took office, Kiarie stretched the residents’ patience to the limits by repeating what they already knew- that there was no public school in the area.

Going by the media reports, the facilities at the private school were stretched by the large number of pupils and lack of another public school nearby.

The residents could not bear listening to their MP saying there was no public school in Ng’andu ward yet it was evident he had not lobbied hard enough for the amenity.

It is no wonder that chants of ‘hatutaki! hatutaki! (we don’t want to listen) rent the air as he tried to address the residents.

What’s more, a commentator on Facebook remarked that KJ as he was popularly known during his days as a comedian had become worse than the politicians he satirised during his comedy days and as a cartoonist.

Another wondered why the MP had not used CDF to construct a school.

Instead KJ seemed to blame the land grabbers yet he had not spoken the matter in the National Assembly or even in rallies.

Also, I saw a prime time news item in one of the TV stations putting the legislator on the spot questioning why he had not lobbied for building of a public school in the Ng’andu ward.

In fact, until the sad Monday morning incident, few Kenyans outside Dagoretti knew that Ng’andu ward did not have a public school.

Kiarie and other leaders of his type must up their game and understand that leadership is demanding and is all about serving – Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Otherwise Kiarie and other MPs will remain disaster celebrities who wait for a disaster to happen then arrive to the scene to give eloquent speeches.

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