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Policeman’s amazing dance moves wows netizens -VIDEO

A male Kenyan police officer has become an internet sensation after showing off his impressive dance moves in a viral video.

The policeman proved that officers also like and enjoy the outgoing lifestyle just like any other individual.

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The unidentified officer showed impressive dance moves while dancing to a Taarab song.

From his facial expressions, the officer was carried by the song’s message which was truly addressing his personal life.

In the video shared on Tiktok by a user identified as @bonzo016 the man was dressed in full blue police attire.

He can be seen whining while singing along the Lyrics proving that he truly loved the song.

The video has since become the talk of town with many praising the officers moves.

@Tsazu2: The fact that he is happy being himself


:Huyu anakaa kukuuliza “enhe dear, tell me everything” time umeenda ku-record statement

@maktejah_: Wacha watoe stress na tiktok

@ciiru_wanjiru: Dancing doesn’t affect being an officer of the law.

Kata kiuno.

@Sirikwaa:Huyu hawezi weka @wizzo_tanonane pingu walai…. Serikali ilikosa mwingine afadhali kwa Kijiji yao

@johnokach:If he is happy, that’s fine… Ajibambe

@ElMagnifiicoo:Ain’t nothing wrong with a man enjoying his own quality time

@KevinRagui: Jamaa anakula sherehe yake vipoa… Better than getting depressed and stressed out. Kila nyani.

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@n_chelar: i want to be his friend

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