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Police React to Viral Photo of Elderly Man Transporting Cow on a Motorbike

A newspaper image showing an elderly man transporting a heifer on a motorbike has gone viral online sparking reactions. 

The photo taken along the Malaba – Eldoret Highway got the attention of the Kenya Police Service who discouraged the move. 

In an update on social media, the police service condemned the act terming it reckless and cruel to the animal, adding that animals too have the right of way.

“The Traffic Act Cap 403 laws of Kenya regulates the movement of vehicles, persons and animals on our public roads

“Such animals are specifically cited by law to include cows, horses, mules, donkeys and dogs,” said the police.

The police added that motorists and other road users are expected to exercise caution and treat animals using public roads with care.

“Instances where animals are cruelly handled by humans, and more so on public roads are unlawful and punishable as per the Penal Code

“We should, as responsible citizens, treat animals under our respective charge with care and love,” the police added.

 A man transporting a heifer using a motorbike PHOTO/COURTESY

The post attracted reactions from netizens who commented in support of the police.

Lizz Dunn: Well done NPS. More should be done to stop the cruelty of animals here. The animals do feel pain and fear but they can’t speak to tell humans to stop. No animal or human should be made to suffer.

Pan Africanist: Absolutely. That person should be arrested & arraigned in court for such cruel action on innocent animal.

Juma Makona: It’s hard to differentiate between the real cows and human beings here.

Elsewhere, in November 2021, the Union of Veterinary Practitioners of Kenya (UVPK) criticised a section of Deputy President William Ruto supporters over rising cases of animal cruelty for political reasons.

It all started when the DP was gifted a goat that had been painted with United Democratic Alliance (UDA) colors. 

In a statement, UVPK Secretary General Miheso Mulembani said painting animals amounts to cruelty as stipulated in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Cap 360 Part II Section 1-4 of the laws of Kenya.

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“The physical body application of either acrylic or latex paints, deprivation of food and water, mishandling during political rallies likely to cause unnecessary suffering and infuriation to animals constitutes cruelty to animals which is punishable by law,” he said.

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