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Pious Man Prays Vigorously Following ‘Evil spirit’ Prank by Viral Triplets: ‘Shindwe Pepo’

A viral video of a Kenyan man being pranked by the viral triplets, Comrade Triplets has elicited mixed reactions online.

 In the video, one of triplets, Mary, pranked a man who was walking home after a rigorous day at work. 

The man claimed that he was from work but he had not made any money. 

 Mary then informed her that she had a present for him shortly before claiming that she wanted his blood and in turn unveiled a bottle for storing it. 

After the strange request, the man’s body language changed as he tried to remove his bag and attempted to throw it at her. 

 This happened while she rebuked the lady.

 “Shindwe pepo, shindwe. Yesu simama na mimi,” he said

In an interview with a local publication, Mary noted that the prank was one of her favorites. 

This was the best prank. I learned that people can have a strong belief to fight demonic power, and the man’s faith was firm,” she said.

She recalled the moment she pranked the man, recalling how he could not stop rebuking the evil spirit not knowing it was a prank. 

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“The funny thing is that he was not ready to give up. I had to stop him and tell him it’s a prank. “I thank God for the favour. I enjoy doing pranks no matter the challenges we face,” she said. 

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