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Pierra Pish: Self-Confessed Lesbian Offers KSh 80k for Man Who’ll Impregnate Her

A young lady has caused a storm on social media after announcing that she is seriously looking for a sperm donor.

Piera Peculiar Pish boldly disclosed that she is a lesbian and will pay handsomely any man who will make her pregnant.

In a TikTik video seen by, the lady said she will pay the sperm donor KSh 80,000, an amount which will be paid in two instalments.

The beauty said she will pay the first KSh 40, 000 for the sperm donation and the remaining half if she will get pregnant.

“Hello guys, most of you know I don’t do me, I am a lesbian. So I am looking for a sperm donor. My offer is KSh 80,000. I am going to give you KSh 40 000 kwanza ukinipa mbegu and the remaining KSh 40 000 mbegu ikishika,” said Piera.

She insisted that the man should be a Kenyan and either a Luo, Meru, Maasai or Kamba. The lady said it will be an added advantage if the man’s family has a history of having twins.

Piera said the interested man should also be handsome and ready to undergo a medical examination.

At the time of filing this report, the lady said she had already received applications.

Her demand elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Steve Okuku Rudy said:
“She is using that KSh 80k for advertising. She will soon get her return on the business of 80k monthly child support. She is a smart business lady. She is investing in the right business.”

Ken Kenn said: “KSh 40k and a Luo cannot be in the same sentence omera, we can only accept KSh 4 million and above as a deposit.”


James Ndiga said: “Men at your free time study the holy book- the Bible and understand generation curses and procreation, such ladies will send you to grave early by using your body to enrich themselves.”

Baba Chelsea Charles Chiku said: “Let me advise you young gal. Twins in father’s side doesn’t play any role but on the mother’s side it does.”

Nyagetuba Hesbone said: “This is a trap; you’ll support the child in entirety. Anyway, as the sec gen of the Kisii Men Association (KMA) we feel discriminatorily sidelined, by this private business entity.”

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Mary Muthoni said: “Getting a seed is no problem, bringing forth a child is easy but how will this child grow given he will have a female dad?”

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