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Photos of mother and son often mistaken for couple go viral

Photos of a Nigerian woman and his son who are frequently mistaken for a couple has gone viral on social media eliciting mixed reactions.

In a Facebook post, Ada Ujaligwa said her amazing body was courtesy of her healthy lifestyle, adding that she is very particular with what she eats.

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Ada also noted that she exercises a lot to remain in shape, same to her husband and kids.

“It would not have been possible for them to think I am my son’s sibling or girlfriend without my healthy lifestyle. I am very particular about what I put in my mouth so I eat healthy… I exercise regularly,” she said.

“Through the grace, mercy and favour of God, I have done these for years… And my husband and kids are the same. We are all team health and fitness,” she added.

The gorgeous mom further disclosed that every time she is with her son, people always express disbelief that she is his mother.

“And now people are doubting that I am the mother of a baby boy I carried in my belly for 9 months and give birth to after more than 18 hours of gruelling labour at 24yrs of age. These pictures mirror our emotions since yesterday,” she said.

Ada added that her son reacts in a funny way every time people mistake them for a couple.

“He is wondering ‘What the’ ‘How can they think that’… He finds it incredulous that people would question if his mother who gave birth to him is truly his mother. And I am here saying ‘Jesus Igweee’ and asking him to calm down Nna, onwero much,” she added.

She also noted that most mothers gain weight after giving birth, however, adding that with a healthy lifestyle they can tackle it.

“Motherhood makes most women gain so much weight… But you can tackle it and still look wonderful and healthy,” she concluded.

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