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Photos of Karen Nyamu Exchanging Knowing Smile with John ‘KJ’ Kiarie Raise Eyebrows

City politician Karen Nyamu recently sparked hilarious reactions after sharing intimate photos with Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie. 

Through her social media pages, Nyamu shared photos where she could be seen cracking up and exchanging smiles with the MP while conversing. 

Captioning the images, the mother of three noted that she was having an interesting conversation with MP Kiarie, further offering KSh 10,000 to whoever will come up with the most creative caption.  

“Story imeshika hehehe! Who can come up with the best conversation from these pictures? The funniest or most creative gets KSh 10,000 from me. Ebu niskie mahali ufala yenu imefika,”Nyamu wrote. 

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie and politician Karen Nyamu PHOTO/COURTESY

As always, netizens had a lot of responses on the same, below are some reactions samples from the post. 

@kelax_bwoy: Kj: Kuna mluhya hapo nyuma yako amechorwa tattoo ya kisiagi kwa shingo. Karenzo: Na si Wetangula ama Musalia? KJ: We fanya hivi geuka polepole angalia nyuma but ujifanye hatujaongea 

 @suisydo: Him: Naskia kanairo wadai senator ni mjamo. Her: Na kwani umeanza kuskia leo mtu wangu? Him: Niliskianga tene lakini nikapata aibu kukuliza ‘mjamo’ na ‘kanairo’ inamaanisha nini. 

@kimani_nyambura: Kj: Weeh ati mliachana na kamtu ka migithi Karen: kitambo na nikaoga nikarudi soko Kj: Heeh wacha nikague mali nione kama naeza kuwa the 3rd Karen: Weeh unaonaje kuheal ni mbele mbele 

This comes days after Nyamu suggested her baby daddy, musician Samidoh to replace Mzee Jackson Kibor as men’s conference chairman following the latter’s death. 

The mother of two made the suggestion while mourning Mzee Kibor who passed away on Wednesday, March 16 at St Luke’s Hospital in Eldoret where he was receiving treatment. 

“Men’s conference chairman Jackson Kibor is no more. I have received the news of his passing on with great sadness. He is a man we all loved for his humour and interesting personal life 

“Go well boy child’s general. Rest in peace. So who do you think will feel Mzee’s vacancy? I haven’t mentioned Samidoh,” Nyamu wrote on Facebook. 

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