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Petrol station attendants confused as man drives Tesla electric car to filling station – VIDEO

Drama ensued in Nigeria after a car owner and his friends pranked petrol station attendants, leaving them confused.

This is after the men drove a Tesla electric car to the fuelling station pretending that they needed it to be fuelled.

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At the fuel pump, a clueless attendant could be heard asking the driver to repark the car so he could easily reach the fuel tank.

After checking both sides without finding the tank, a voice in the video could be heard wondering whether the tank was beneath the vehicle.

The man later told the already fed up attendants that the car is an electric automobile and does not need fuel.


@unclefunbi: I see nothing wrong about this…. I don’t understand people’s fuss about this video. This guy review cars, I see his videos on TikTok and I don’t think degrading the fuel attendant was the intention.”

@Miz_Fey: It’s the reaction the attendants gave at the end for me, unbothered and it definitely showed the clear stupidity of the ‘pranksters’. Mtchew

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@poluwatosyn: Black Man, Black sense, person use “show off” swear for this part of the world dont run mad but I enjoy the cruise though

@ginika_silivia: Everything for clout, why did you drive it there in the first place knowing it’s an electric car?

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