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OPINION: Why humiliation of DP Ruto, his supporters should be strongly condemned

Editor’s Note: Ephraim Njega, a political and social commentator sheds light on how humiliation of Deputy President William and his supporters could undermine peaceful co-existence.

I have never supported and will never support Deputy President William Ruto or anybody associated with Jubilee under any circumstances. My views on this are well known.

I however can never celebrate his political backstabbing and subsequent persecution. I also cannot celebrate the humiliation his supporters are being taken through.

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When Ruto was in ODM during the 2007 general election none of the ODM supporters had any problems with him.

When Ruto supported Jubilee in 2013 and 2017 he was a good person to Jubilee supporters.

These politics of convenience and sycophancy are so dangerous that they create political monsters.

You only realise that a monster is on the loose when it is too late to do anything.

Unfortunately, these dirty politics entrench divisions which can eventually result in bloodshed.

You can’t ignore the fact that the DP has a significant support base which can be radicalized by his shabby treatments by his former political soulmates.

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Whatever his crimes, Ruto should be taken through the due process as prescribed in law.

Selective prosecutions entrench impunity and cannot deliver the unity the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proponents are promising Kenyans.

National unity cannot be defined by an accord between individuals or one group of tribes ganging up against another tribal grouping.

Politicisation of the criminal justice mechanism will result in a breakdown of law and order due to lack of confidence in legal systems.

Either the law applies for all or it applies for none.

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It is up to Kenyans to decide who will be their leader after 2022. If they decide to elect Ruto or Raila/Uhuru alliance, so be it.

The use of dirty tricks to influence the outcome of the 2022 general elections should neither be tolerated nor entertained.

We have chosen democracy and should be ready to live or die by it.

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