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Nyota Ndogo trolled for begging mzungu hubby to come back home after misunderstanding

Coast-based singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, alias Nyota Ndogo got herself on the receiving end after making social media posts begging her husband, Henning Nielsen, to come back home.

It is said that trouble rocked their marriage on April 1, 2021, when her fool’s day prank went south leading to the exit of her husband from their matrimonial home.

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Nyota Ndogo made the first post on Wednesday, May 12 saying;

“Please come back to me. It is not even money I am after but your love. I used to act like I don’t care because I can feed myself, sleep well, and can pay my bills, but the one thing I sure miss is your love,” she wrote.

She added;

“It is true money is not everything, what every human needs is someone who truly loves them, and in you I had everything. I will suffer a single life if you do not come back.”

A day later, the Voi-based singer made another post vowing to fight for her love.

“I will try to write in English so that he understands. Even if my English is not good I will fight for this love. People think it’s easy to let go the love that you’re used to, nope not me. I’m crying on social media, there are those who hang themselves for fear of speaking. Let people talk but of loving you is a mistake then I don’t want to be right in this world

“My love do your embed this day? (referring to a photo she attached on the post). This was the day our body became one, but also is the day that we were bullied to the point that we went to Sagala Hill to read the comments… You’ve blocked me everywhere but Google will give you the message. I will come to you if you don’t come here,” she wrote.

The posts elicited mixed reactions with most netizens trolling the singer.


Esther Munene: Why do I think that this guy was just waiting for a chance to leave. The prank is a lame excuse for him to be quiet for this long. It hurts but I think it’s time you set him free. If he comes back well and good, but don’t crush because you have more to live for

Mumbi Kiono: Sasa utalia hadi lini? Kilio kinaua. Depression, ulcers,hypertension for focusing on kuachwa. Cry yes and move on. Dunia ni pana fungua macho dada

Mercy Kanana: My advice to ladies, if you push a man to love you, you die frustrated. You experience every disease/sickness every day, today headache, tomorrow heart ache, earache, mouthache, stoma ache. All of them, the more you present your desperation the more he hates yourselves ladies. If he wants to leave let go however painful it may be. If you a the cause try working out things, if it doesn’t work he has his, let go

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Ngendo Mwangi Kibicho: The body language in this photo is a red flag you should have seen it coming. Don’t sit and mourn, move on and be happy

Tiara Julius: Never try what other people do if to them it works usifkirie kwako itawork pia fools day was about to kill my relationship which took me 4yrs to build. Mambo mengine wachia wazungu waafrika atuyawezi if he was meant for you he will come back lakini kama ni wale wale tafta kiti ukae mama upike maandazi yako hotelini kwako

Eucabeth Chepng’eno: You can’t force things to happen Mamaa, kama mtu hakupendi mbona wataka kujilazimisha kwake. Know your worth and accept the reality that he is no longer on your side and move on with your life. There is more goodies that life will offer you ahead by not being stucked where you are not valued. So style up!

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