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Njugush Sarcastically Slams Uhuru, Other Politicians for Oppressing Kenyans

Content creator and comedian Timothy Kimani, alias Njugush has taken a swipe at politicians ahead of the August 9 General Elections.  

In a video dubbed Jokes 2022 shared across his social media platforms, the comedian called out leaders over several issues including corruption and land grabbing. 

Njugush wondered why a section of leaders have huge tracts of land while other Kenyans are struggling to raise money to acquire a piece of land.  

As such, he suggested that the lands be sold to Kenyans at a standard price and the money be used to pay loans. 

“The first joke is about land. When you think about land in this country, you find so people don’t have lands every day we took hard so that we can afford somewhere to build and bring up our children

“On the other hand you find people with huge tracts of land and we ask ourselves, what could be the punchline of this joke? I have the punchline. What if we sold this land, subdivide it, sell at a standard price to Kenyans to be able to get money and we pay for our loans,” Njugush said.   

Njugush also raised a concern with the CS without portfolio position and the cars and security assigned to the post by the government. 

“Another joke about our leaders, a CS without portfolio running around with huge cars, guzzlers and security on tow, the joke is what if we didn’t give them these just like everyone else. Whenever you get a job somewhere, you’re not given a car and security,” he said. 

With the high rate of corruption in the country, Njugush suggested the conviction of corrupt leaders and harsh punishment on top of it. 

The comedian also spoke on the level of corruption in the healthcare industry with cartels under the wings of politicians making away with medicine meant for hospitals. 

“Think of health, we have structures but no medicine. We have graft issues of people within the medical industry stealing left, right and centre to buy more houses and estates to enrich themselves for their sons and daughters,” Njugush said. 

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