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Nigerian man mourns lady who rejected him for yahoo boy

A Nigerian man recently sparked mixed reactions after sharing his dating experience on social media.

Through his Twitter page, Atoyebi Taofiq Olajide noted that he was introduced to a young beautiful lady back in 2021 whom he fell for and got interested in knowing more about her.

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Olajide said that they later went on several dates and during one of their conversations, she asked him his take on internet fraudsters, who are popularly known in Nigeria as yahoo boys.

The man narrated that after their date, the lady told him that their relationship could not work because he could not foot her bills like yahoo boys.

Olajide said he thought the lady was joking until she blocked him on social media.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Olajide was informed that the same lady was murdered by her boyfriend presumed to be a yahoo boy.

“The gist is, her friend told me she was killed last week by her boyfriend and her breast was removed. I don’t even know how I am feeling right now,” Olajide wrote.


Hameed Olubunmi: Please feel fine for she became victim of her own actions

Adeyemi-Jones Mo Shashaeniyan: They always want things they can’t afford…. High taste yet they can’t work for it, may her soul RIP

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Adenusi Hammed: He who has ears, let him listens! You can’t eat your cake and have it at the same time. She was a victim of stupidity, thinking she was wise and smart. Feel fine bro and let the rest of them listen. I hope this post changes someone’s orientation

Mustapha Mudasiru Ayanfe: Yahoo has become deep in Nigeria; if FG can start cutting two hands of any body involved in yahoo am sure it will stop. Yahoo is not hustle!

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