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Nicki Bigfish Ordered to Move Out over Skit Mocking Caretakers, Landlords

Churchill Show comedian Nicki Bigfish recently claimed that he was ordered to move out of his Kilimani apartment over a comedy skit he made. 

The comic made a skit dubbed, Rude Landlords & Caretakers Blasted Live On Camera where he mocked caretakers accusing them of among other things mistreating tenants. 

Following the skit, Nicki was served with a vacation notice indicating that he has 30 days to move out of his apartment. 

The notice further explained that the video aimed at inciting tenants to delay rent payment and look down upon agents. 

“This is after seeing a video clip doing rounds on social media including the estate’s WhatsApp group of you mocking and making fun of caretakers and landlords,” the notice read. 

Nicki was also informed that KSh 40,000 will be deducted from his deposit to repaint the house.  

Nicki was served with a vacation notice indicating that he has 30 days to move out of his apartment  PHOTO/COURTESY

In October 2020, the comedian narrated how one of his past pranks almost got him killed.

Speaking in a past interview, Nicki revealed that a man who thought they were about to kill someone pulled up and pointed a gun at him and his colleagues.

“There was this guy with a private firearm who pulled it on me wanting to shoot me. In fact, the guy was not the one I was pranking, we had placed one of our guys in a car and he looked in distress asking for help as we poured fake petrol (water) on the car, acting like we were going to set it on fire

“So the guy was driving past and he saw this, got out of his car and pointed at me with the gun. With time and experience, you get to know which pranks are just too much and those that cross boundaries,” he said. 

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