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Netizens perplexed by President Suluhu’s female bodyguards

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu arrived in Kenya on Tuesday, May 4 for a two-day state visit but what got the attention of many was her unique arrival.

The president walked side by side by her female bodyguards and aide-de-amp leaving netizens perplexed.

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Suluhu’s security guards dressed in beautiful and expensive suited hijabs while the aide-de-amp wore full uniforms.

While trekking, the bodyguards took position alongside the Tanzania commander in chief while the two aide-de-amp officers walked behind her.

The President was also accompanied by other notable females from the government.

As she proceeded to sign the visitors book, two armed guards in hijabs together with one aide-de-amp walked her to her seat while the others fall in their respective positions.

After a short conversation with the Kenyan foreign affairs envoy present, the President was walked to her car by her security.

The same security formation, from opening the car door to ensuring she steps on the right track, happened again when she arrived in statehouse where President Uhuru Kenyatta waited to welcome her.

Another show took place when the two leaders walked to the podium to address the nation. While Uhuru had only one aide-de-amp, Suluhu had two, one carried her speech papers.

mtunguyaz: Even Uhuru 2nd Aide de camp is a woman hujawai one check well

charles mutabari: Was two aide-de-camp really necessary? Some of these security arrangements are unnecessary kama hii kwa ofisi where they must have screened the attendees. Not unless the head of state is from North Korea or Russia.

raphael malina: Instead of telling us about bilateral talks, munatuambia bodyguards

jennifer Wanjohi: What aman can do,a woman can do better.Kenya’s we have to learn to change this time.

Oguta Onyango: What concerns Kenyans are always the trivialities and the pomposity of life. They never care about critical details such as the bilateral agenda between the two dwarf nations. We have seen our media perplexed to the core with very minor issues as if this is the first time we are witnessing presidential guards and security details! The TZ media did not report on such minutiae during Uhuru’s visit to TZ.

Dafle Dx: My point is why work permit fee yet in the rest of East African countries we do not require to pay nothing.

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