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Netizens Moved By Story of 70-Year-Old Virgin Who Has Never Had Boyfriend

A 70-year-old woman who has never been in a relationship before is now looking for love. 

Genevieve who also said that she has never slept with any man said she is now looking for a 21-year-old man to be her lover. 

In an interview with Afrimax, the woman also stated that she has never left her home due to her health condition that forces her to move around by crawling. 

Genevieve said she was born in 1952 and had no issues with her legs, but later her parents noticed that she had a difficulty in walking and crawling while trying to make movements. 

She said that her parents could not afford a wheelchair forcing her to stay back at home while her peers went to school. 

She also noted that her condition meant she couldn’t get a boyfriend, her thirts for love notwithstanding.  

“They (boys) didn’t come. I didn’t have energy for such; I really had no energy,” Genevieve said. 

Following her parents’ demise, the 70-year-old was all alone and depended on neighbours who chipped in and offered to help her with food and basic necessities. 


Tychelle Branch: My heart aches for these folks. I don’t understand how they got there, just like that, these stories are so sad. God bless these people. 

Wanda Christian: My heart just broke for her, and brought me to tears and I don’t get emotional easily. I pray she gets not just a wheelchair but somehow she gets the medical treatment to help her feel better and live better. 

K Kck: My heart goes out to her she needs more than a wheelchair. She needs to be taken to a home where they could care for her. 

Adellamcintos: This is so sad. Lord please hear our cry, your daughter needs you. May you provide for her according to your riches in glory, please do for her what she cannot do for her self. Nothing is impossible for you. 

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