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NCIC Appoints Sheng Speaking Madocho as Youth Peace Ambassador

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has settled on the sheng speaking guru Madocho, born Alessandro Olocho, as its ambassador.

In a presser on Friday, April 8, the commission’s chair Samuel Kobia said Madocho had been appointed to spread the message of peace to the youth, especially those living in the slums, ahead of the August 9 General Election.

Kobia noted that the agency was alive to the fact that the majority of the Kenyan population comprises the youth and thus the need to bring them on board in peacekeeping campaigns.

In his speech after the appointment, Madocho, who is famed for his deep and flawless mastery of the ‘streets language’, implored his fellow youth to stay away from crime.

“My message to the youth out there is to stay away from crime and negative energy. Be positive-minded. Let us not use bad words during the election period,” he said.


Social media users expressed varied reactions after Madocho’s appointment.

Duncan Okatch said: “He speaks in tongues. I only hope people will understand his language otherwise communication is key.”

Jane Bmb said: “Working with youths who speaks this kind of language trust me NCIC did their research ….. this language slaps different to the ones who understand it …. And among them, there is so much respect.”

Arap Kirui Kip said: “I don’t understand the language well but every time this guy’s speaking his expression shows a lot of bitterness.”

Kevin Ouma said: “Country of jokers in the name of leaders. I don’t have any biles with Madocho but how can be an inspiration to the younger generation. How you pass information is strictly important.”

Isaac Monange said: “NCIC bans sipangwingwi then hires someone who uses the same words to reach the youths where the same word is their favourite!”

Samson Benson said: “These people are far from handling this docket they don’t know what is hate speech.”

During the conference, as previously reported by, the commission released a list of words that it considers hate speech and should not be used during the election period.

Kobia explained that using the words tends to spark violence ahead of the elections.

The words banned for use in public rallies, social media posts and political talk shows include:

English: Fumigation, eliminate and kill.

Kiswahili: Kaffir, madoadoa, chunga kura, mende, watu wa kurusha mawe, watajua hawajui, wabara waende kwao, wakuja, chinja kafir and kwekwe.

: Kama noma noma, kama mbaya mbaya, hatupangwingwi and operation linda kura.

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: Kihii (uncircumcised man) and Uthamaki ni witu (the Kingdom is ours).

: Mwiji (uncircumcised man).

Kalenjin: Kimurkeldet (brown teeth), otutu labotonik (uproot the weed), and ngetiik (uncircumcised).

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