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Nauru: Fascinating facts about world’s most obese country

Nauru, officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly referred to as Pleasant Island, is a tiny island nation of Micronesia in Oceania.

The country has an area of 21square km. Nairu’s capital is Yaren while the country’ largest city is Denigomodu. The country has no land bordering countries.

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World’s smallest island country.

Nauru is the world’s smallest island country and also third smallest country in terms of area after Monaco and Vatican city.

The island occupied by Micronesians and Polynesians has no rivers, no world heritage sites, and no protected regions.

The nation longest road is about 18. 6 miles and has an old 2.4 mile-long railway which the government built in 1907 for phosphate mining purposes.

12 tribes

Nauru, whose official language is Nauruan has twelve tribes which have been symbolized by twelve pointed star on the country’s flag.

These tribes are, Iruwa, Eamwit, Eamwitmwit, Emea, Deiboe, Eano, Eoaru, Eamwidira, Emangum, Ranibok, Irutsi, and Iwi.

Iruwa is the most numerous tribe with almost 4,500 people while Ranibok is the smallest over 100 people only.

The country also marks the Day of Tribes every year on August 19 to recognize the tribes.

World’s most obese country

Nauru has topped the list of countries in the world has has most fattest people.

According to reports, over 70% Nauruan’s are obese with a BMI rate higher than 30.

It is reported that the country’s obesity problem could have been affected Western settlers who taught them to fry their food and import less healthy food making them abandon their traditional cultivation, preparation, and preserving skills.

The problem has adversely affected most of the Pacific states, including Kiribati, Palau, Samoa, and Tonga.

No army

The tiny country survives from any terrorist attacks by faith. This is because the country has no army.

However it’s not just alone as there are 15 more country’s that lack an army.

The country depends on protection from Australia who ensure that the country is safe. Nauru doesn’t have a police force either.

Most people speak English

Even though, the country’s official language is Nauruan, most people prefer using English.

According to reports, the country is one of the 45 countries in the world where half the population speak English.

It was once the world’s richest country

In the early 1980, Nauru had the highest GDP making it most richest country in the world.

However, Nauru failed to maintain the position and was ranked among the poorest countries in 2017.

The country’s economy depended on phosphate which originated from seabird waste and had the highest income per person by 1975.

The country earned about $2.5 million making it for the government to stop collecting taxes and provide numerous essential services like education, transportation, and free healthcare.

Due to poor investment, the funds decreased to A$138 million by 2002 and it’s GDP per capita ranked fifty-first globally in 2013.

A pleasant Island

The country was previously called Pleasant Island even though it receives below 200 tourist annually.

The country was first termed as beautiful island in 1979 by first British visitor Whaler John Fearn.

The country is surrounded by coral reef making it easier and a perfect place for snorkeling and diving.


The stars represent the 12 tribes of Nauru. Photo courtesy

The country’s flag has a blue background which mainly represents the Pacific Ocean.

The flag has a yellow horizontal line that represent the equator.

There are also 12-pointed stars which represent the location of the Island independence and the 12 original tribes of Nauru.

The colors in the flag are too similar to those in other pacific nations hence proving regional solidarity.

Never won a medal in the Olympics.

Nauru has never bagged a medal in the Olympics despite it’s participation in the games since 1996.

The country, having weightliftingas the national sport, has only won nine bronze, ten silver and ten gold medals in the common wealth games.

The Nauru’s ten Commonwealth Game medals put her ahead of Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

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The only other sport that Nauru has competed in internationally is judo.

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