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Mwai Kibaki: Day Late President Called Press Conference to State He Had only One Wife

Kenyans from all walks of life including the international community have been thrown into mourning following the demise of Kenya’s third president Mwai Kibaki.

Some have taken to social media to mourn the icon, whose stellar performance as Kenya’s head of state between 2002 to 2013 is unmatched.

At the same time, some tweeps revisited Kibaki’s past light moments including the day he called a press conference to dispel rumours that he was a polygamous man.

It had been widely reported that apart from his legally wedded wife, the late Lucy Muthoni, the former president had another wife making them two.

Mwai Kibaki and wife Lucy Kibaki. PHOTO | COURTESY

However, on March 3, 2009, Kibaki held a state address at State House Nairobi to announce that he had had only one wife, Lucy.

As seen in a video, the visibly agitated Kibaki talked directly to journalists saying the rumours of a second wife had put him in “a foul mood” as he only had one wife.

“You know and I know and everybody else knows that I am married and I have only one dear wife, Lucy here. But the media keeps repeating about my having another wife or wives. I want to make it very clear that I have only one wife who is Lucy,” said Kibaki who was standing beside the fuming Lucy.

The former president also vowed to sue anybody who would continue to peddle the aspersion.

“Anyone who is bent on that course will see me in court or wherever he will see me. And we shall deal with him, no other way whatsoever; there is no genuine purpose for people wanting to spread lies about myself,” he added.

During the press conference, Lucy’s frowning face loudly communicated her rage against the media houses that had peddled the ‘lies’.

Speaking at the briefing, the former First Lady relayed that she has been tormented by the media reports that alleged that the president has another wife.

“You have been tormenting us. I nearly came to your studio (KTN’s) last night to attack you the way I did the Nation,” said Lucy.

After passing the message, Kibaki allowed the journalists to ask them questions. However, most journalists were reluctant to question them.
Nonetheless, they both kept on asking the media to raise any questions they had.

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“If you have any questions ask, ask now or never,” lucy fiercely said.

Mary Wambui

The woman who was being touted as Kibaki’s other wife, and a part of his second family, is Mary Wambui.

In a strange twist of fate, Wambui became the MP for Othaya, the seat that Kibaki left after serving two terms as the head of state.

It is also in the public domain that Wambui enjoyed all trappings of power including bodyguards hired by the state and chase cars.

In an interview with The Standard, Wambui admitted to being Kibaki’s wife.


“I met Kibaki a long time ago in Nanyuki, through his cousin who lived there. Also our paths crossed because I was a teacher and I would accompany the children to perform for the bigwigs during functions. Kibaki was a government minister then,” said Wambui.

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