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Muthoni Kirima: Mau Mau Freedom Fighter Cuts Off 70-Year-Old Dreadlocks

A Mau Mau freedom fighter has cut off her dreadlocks after 70 years. 

Field marshal Mary Muthoni Kirima, 92, shaved her dreadlocks in an event graced by Mama Ngina Kenyatta on Saturday, April 2. 

Speaking during the event, Kirima noted that she agreed to have her dreadlocks shaved off by the former first lady to symbolize her contentment in Kenya’s attainment of freedom. 

“I have today agreed to shave my hair. This means that I’m contented that our country has had freedom at last. Generations are now free and what we fought for in the forest has finally been achieved,” she said.

Kirima’s dreadlocks were shaved by Mama Ngina in an event attended by the Kiama kia Ma and Kikuyu Council of Elders. 

Mama Ngina noted that it was a good thing for freedom fighters to be free, further noting that it was important to respect freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for Kenya. 

“Kenyans should respect our heroes and heroines. They should not be insulted but respected,” she said. 

Mama Ngina Kenyatta among other attendees at the event where Mary Muthoni’s dreadlocks were shaved PHOTO/COURTESY

The former First Lady was accompanied by among others Nairobi County gubernatorial aspirant, Agnes Kagure. 

“Witnessing the two iconic women recount their experiences while in detention offered insightful lessons on the sacrifices many men and women make to see an independent Kenya rise, stand, and continue to grow

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“At her request, Field Marshal Muthoni’s decades-old dreadlocks were cut off by Mama Ngina, in the presence of the Kikuyu Council of Elders, as a celebration of their initial Mau Mau struggle and a symbolic acceptance of the new struggle to unite the country and ensure peace reigns regardless of the political situation,” she wrote. 

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