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Musician Gilad Millo’s Daughter Graduates from Israeli Military as Combat Medic

Singer Gilad Millo and his wife Hadas Millo recently flew to their native Israel to surprise their daughter, Lia Millo on her graduation day. 

Lia had been training with the Israel army and graduated to become a full-fledged military combat and medical personnel, Gilad disclosed. 

Through his social media platforms, Gilad who is also a garlic farmer shared a video surprising his daughter while she was in a parade with her colleagues. 

Her colleagues clapped as Lia walked towards their parents and gave them a warm hug before receiving a bouquet of red rose flowers.

“Surprise! Hadas Millo and I flew in from Kenya without telling anyone to surprise Lia Millo during her graduation ceremony. We now have a fully fledged Combat Medic in the family. Congratulations Lia we couldn’t be prouder,” Gilad wrote. 

In 2019, Gilad’s firstborn son, Omer joined the Israel Defense Forces as a paratrooper. 

“I hugged you this morning for as long as I could until it was time to let you go. How can a father possibly be prouder. My son, my boy, my firstborn, my pride, my Omer sending you off today to join the Israel Defense Force, as a Paratrooper  

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“Knowing that tomorrow Mom & I are on a plane back to Kenya, was one of the more difficult moments we’ve known since you came into this world a little over 20 years ago,” Gilad wrote at the time. 

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