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Musician Captain Charisma opens up on encounter with rogue police officers

Kenyan musician Captain Charisma, also known as the Luhya Heat recently opened up on hia encounter with rogue police officers.

In a social media post, the musician disclosed that he was once roughed up by police officers after being involved in a motorcycle accident about 30 minutes before curfew.

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Charisma decried police police brutality, noting that he was arrested despite being badly injured at the time.

“I had an accident some time ago on my bike like 30 minutes before curfew headed home and I couldn’t ride as I was badly injured,” he said.


“Cops found me at the nyari round about and I was like thank God. But they harassed me, made me push a broken down bike to their station while injured and locked me in a cell the whole night.”

He further stressed that he was arrested and subsequently locked up in a police cell due to discrimination dreadlocked men in Kenya face from the police.

“My bro came and had to pay in order to get me help. And why? Because they decided “rasta ni mkora.” Not for a second did they think I probably needed medical care,” he concluded.

This came a day after a member of Wanavokali band was arrested by plainclothes cops who could not state why they arrested him.

Ricky together with other bandmates, were walking in town when three plainclothes policemen grabbed him and cuffed him without stating why he was being arrested.

“We were walking peacefully in town then this guy suddenly decided to grab Ricky by the sweater for no reason and says he wants to frisk him out of the blue

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“So we are like, why? Why choose the guy with the dreadlocks out of all of us? We are just walking peacefully. Now they are saying, they want to arrest him, so now we are going to the station,” said one member.

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