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Mundari: South Sudan tribe that showers with cow urine

South Sudan better known for being world’s youngest country has various exciting activities that take place on the beautiful land.

In Sudan there are over 60 tribes each living a unique traditional way of life, that is, different languages, beliefs and traditions among others.

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The Mundari tribe is one among the many. Mundari’s live remotely along the White Nile river, north of South Sudan’s capital Juba and are popularly known for their vast herds of cattle.

Mundari People
Mundari’s apply cow dung ash on their skins to protect themselves from the hot sun. Photo courtesy

Their cows represents one’s wealth, social status, dowry and health.

In what that might look bizarre but makes real sense to them is; they do not eat the cows but only depend on them for milk.


The tribesmen suck milk directly from the cows udder and after they are done they take off with cattles to the grazing lands.

To the Mundari’s, their cows mean so much to them. They believe cows connect them with God.

Mundari People
A herdsman from the Mundari tribe burning cow dung. Photo courtesy

Every morning the cows get massaged with peach-coloured ash to keep flies and insects away.

The Cow dung is collected mainly by children who pile them high into heaps for burning.

After they are burnt and dried, the herdsmen would then smear on their skins. They believe the cow dung ash is a mosquito repellent and an antiseptic and offers protection to the skin from the scorching sun.

Mundari People
The Mundari’s wash the bodies with cow’s urine to protect themselves from infections. Photo: Wode Maya/Youtube

Now, interestingly, with or without water they prefer showering with the cows urine.

They squat under a stream of cows urine and wash their bodies.

Mundari’s believe that washing their bodies with cow’s urine protects them from various infections.

Mundari People

In a closer look, Men’s hair are orange in colour. But how do they do it?

They first wash the hair with the cow’s urine and proceeds to an expert who takes over the process.

Mundari People
Men in the Mundari tribe dye their orange to become more attractive. Photo: Wode Maya/Youtube

The expert will then use the peach-coloured ash and apply it to the hair and scrub in circular manner making coils.

The main reason they tint their hairs orange is to become more attractive to ladies.

Apart from all that, during their free time, they love playing music and wrestling.

Mundari People
Mundari boys wrestling. Mundari People engage in wrestling and music during their leisure time. Photo courtesy

The Mundari People have distinctive V scars on their forehead and are among the tallest individuals in the world.

Their cows horns as reported can stretch up to 8 feets and the biggest bulls get adined by the tribe with tassels.

Mundari People
The Mundari’s have distinctive V scars on their foreheads. Photo courtesy

A single cow or bull from the Mundari People is worth KSh 50,000 or more. The tribe treat their cattle like members of the family.

The area is ideal for cattle production due to the clay-like soil which retains water.

Mundari People always distance themselves from wars. They revealed that their guns are only for protecting their land and not to kill.

Mundari People
Mundari’s do not like associating with any kind of war. Their guns are for protecting their cattle. Photo: CNN

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They said their main motive is to take care and protect their cattles at all costs.

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