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Mulamwah Admits Battling Mental Health Issues After Denying Kid with Ex Wife

Renowned comedian Mulamwah born David Oyando has opened up about his state of mind after cutting ties with his ex-wife Carol Sonnie.

After the end of their union, the funny man, through his social media and media interviews, has been hitting at Sonnie, accusing her of among other things cheating on him.

The worst of it all was on Friday, April 8, when he disclosed that he was not the real father of Keilah Oyando, his presumed daughter with Sonnie.

The post implied that she was impregnated by another man.

Following the revelation, his concerned followers, through the Q and A on his Instagram, questioned him about his state of mind and if he was struggling with mental health.

In his response, the comedian admitted that he has not been okay mentally for four years now, a state he attributed to his relationship with his former girlfriend Sonnie.

Despite the mental struggles, Mulamwah said he still managed to propel his career.

“I have not been okay mentally for over 4 years now the reasons are very wide open, they have been the worst 4 years of my life but the most profitable years. With matters of the mind, it’s always how you perceive things, you can be at your worst but still make the most out of it,” he wrote.

Consequently, a section of his fellow entertainers asked him to focus on his mental stability first.

Chris Kirwa said: “What you both need right now is understanding, empathy and support, not being judged or taking sides. Healing can only come from being neutral in this.”

YY Comedian said: “If this is true, It can be very painful…I wont judge you because maybe I would have done the same or even worse if I was in your shoe…However, your well being is more important now and even from the comments section,you can see most don’t care about how you feel…(even fellow men)…it’s only you who understand how you feel…Let the comments section teach you something as you pray and focus on healing….God above all.”

Mulamwah and former girlfriend Carol Sonnie. PHOTO | COURTESY

Sonnie cheated

On cheating allegations, Mulamwah claimed Sonnie cheated on him with her homeboy.

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“She cheated on me with a guy who lives in Gitaru, around the Kikuyu area. I found out that they had been seeing each other for over a year. In fact, during the lockdown, when I burned my shirt due to stress, she was living at his house. That’s when we first broke up,” he said.

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