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Muhonja: Ex-Tausi Actress Daughters, Friends Throw Surprise Retirement Party for Her

Former Tausi cast member Ruth Apondi Ringos, alias Muhonja has retired as a teacher after more than three decades in service. 

Aside from her thriving acting career, Muhonja doubled up as a headmistress and a teacher of English.  

Following her early retirement, Muhonja’s daughters and a host of her friends planned a surprise retirement party for her. 

 Through her Facebook page, the actress’s daughter Ambasada Ringos shared photos of the party that was themed gold and black. 

“My mum’s friends and our friends decided to celebrate her early retirement. I’m glad, she was ready to retire and opted for it early enough,” she wrote in part.  

Ambasada noted that her mother has been a teacher for 34 years and she has had two outstanding records that complimented her prowess in service delivery. 

“2009: Position 1 in English KCPE Embakasi division and as the Headteacher of Komarock Primary School. (This record is yet to be broken). 2011: Position 2 in KCPE Nairobi County as the Head teacher of Hospital Hill Primary school 

“I’m delighted to have celebrated her success as one of the best English teachers and Headmistress,” Ambasada added. 

Ruth Apondi and guests at her retirement party organised by daughters and friends. PHOTO/COURTESY

In an interview with KTN News, Muhonja spoke about her role on Tausi, clarifying that her character on the show did not represent her in real life. 

“Hiyo no character ya uigizaji, mimi sio mkorofi lakini ukali upo. I’m a disciplinarian lakini hiyo ya ukorofi ni ya uigizaji. Baada ya kuigiza mimi ni mama, mimi ni nyanya. Huwa nikifika nyumbani uigizaji unawekwa kando navalia nguo ya mama

“Nikiwa darasani, uigizaji unawekwa kando navaa nguo ya mwalimu. Huwezi kua mwalimu mkorofi, lazima uwe patient and very understanding ndio wanafunzi waweze kukuelewa,” Muhonja said. 

She also spoke on fame during her days at Tausi, although noting that the pay was little but it was sustainable. 

“Wakati tulikua tunaigiza Tausi, ilikua kipindi bora zaidi, kama ingekua wakati wa sasa ningekua tajiri na wakati hup tulikua tunapewa pesa kidogo ya fare,” she added. 

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Ruth Apondi and friends pose for a photo at her retirement party PHOTO/COURTESY

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