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MP Junet Mohammed Speaks on DP Ruto’s Plan to Impeach Uhuru That Led to Their Fallout

It has now emerged that Deputy President William Ruto allegedly offered ODM leader Raila Odinga the Deputy President slot if he helped him impeach President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

In an interview with the Nation, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed who doubles up as the national coordinator for the Azimio la Umoja coalition claimed the DP also offered Raila and his team half of all senior government positions. 

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Mohammed said DP Ruto wanted Uhuru out of the office just days after the controversial 2018 General Elections citing signs of betrayal from the Head of State. 

“The President hosted a Jubilee parliamentary group meeting at State House soon after he was declared the winner. In that meeting, it became clear that the honeymoon with his deputy was over

“Kenyatta told his party’s rank and file that he would not share power with anyone. The remarks alarmed his deputy as it meant it would not be business as usual,” the MP said. 

Being uneasy with Uhuru’s terms of engagement in his final term in office, Mohammed said DP Ruto was so determined to ouster the President, however, noting that they were reluctant to take the offer. 

“The deal was too enticing to us but we had to weigh it carefully. Why would we settle for the number two slot when our party leader was himself more qualified for the top job?” Junet posed. 

The Suna East MP said Uhuru’s impeachment talks were facilitated by a prominent Rift Valley businessman at his home in Karen Nairobi.   

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed PHOTO/COURTESY

Following the meeting, ODM was tasked with mobilising at least 100 MPs in both the Senate and National Assembly to boost the numbers the DP Ruto would contribute from Jubilee and other parties to make 234, the constitutional threshold to kick Uhuru out of office. 

The MPs would have been bribed between KSh 300,000 to KSh 500,000 to support the motion. 

“We did not commit to the plan immediately but retreated to interrogate the proposal first. The overriding thinking was that we were just smarting from a gruelling election and this was not in our best interest, and Odinga felt that route was a sure way of taking the country back to the drain again,” Mohammed stated. 

However, the MP said the government got wind of the meetings through intelligence and reacted to it forcing Raila to tell Uhuru the plan. 

“A senior and powerful minister from Nyanza called me with a stern warning. He asked why we wanted to take the country down the hill, why we wanted to destroy the country

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“It got us thinking, because with the government already in the picture, we needed to be careful on our moves. That’s when Raila chose to tell Uhuru the full extent of the plan,” Junet said. 

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