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Morocco: Fun facts about country whose favourite drink is tea

Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco is the northwesternmost country in the Maghreb region of North Africa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

With a population of over 37 million people, the country’s predominant religion is Islam with the official languages being Arabic and Berber.

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The Moroccan culture is a vibrant mix of Berber, Arab, and European cultures, and its capital is Rabat, while largest city is Casablanca.

Here are more facts about the country.


The flag of Morocco has only two colours which is red with a green star in the middle and has been used since 1915.

The red background represents the bravery, strength, and hardiness that the people of Morocco went through liberate their country.

The green star in the middle of the flag is inline with their culture and represents joy, love, and happiness.


Interestingly, Morocco’s favourite drink is tea, popularly known as Maghrebi Mint Tea in the country.

The green tea that originates from the Greater Maghreb Region is traditionally prepared with spearmint leaves and a cube of sugar.

Normally, the head male of the house will be the one to prepare the tea.

Kingdom of Morocco

The country is not officially known as Morocco but ‘the Kingdom of Morrocco’.

The country was officially named in March 1956 when the French rule was ended.

Aït Benhaddou

The country is home to the famous Aït Benhaddou site which is among the country’s tourist’s destination and also featured in a number of well-known movies.

Films have been shot at the site from as early as the 1950s, with the recent ones being ‘The Mummy’ (1999) and ‘Gladiator’ (2000).

Oldest university

Morocco hosts the oldest university in the entire world.

Located in a place known as Fez, the University of al-Qarawiyyin which was founded in 859.

The higher learning institute was founded by Fatim al-Fihri, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and is still used as a learning facility.

‘Blue city’

Chefchaouen is one of the most beautiful places in Morocco, particularly known for being all painted in blue.

The city is filled with bluewashed houses and old charming alleys.

The city is filled with bluewashed houses and old charming alleys Photo: Courtesy

Largest victory in history

In 1961, Morocco won the Fifa World Cup against Saudi Arabia and it was the largest victory in history being 13-1.

The country has also applied three times to host the Fifa World Cup.


In Moroccan culture, the symbol of love is not the heart but the liver.

According to their belief, it is because a healthy liver means good digestion and promotes well-being.

In fact, they have a saying that roughly translates to ‘you’ve conquered my liver’ which used as a declaration of love.

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Almost all residents in Morocco are Muslims, and Islam is well integrated into daily life and culture.

Although 99% of the population is considered being Muslim, not all are religious.

Islam is the official state religion, but the freedom to worship and congregation is given to anyone by the Moroccan constitution.

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