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Mombasa: Matatu treats passengers to KFC food packages

A matatu in Mombasa was at the center of an online discussion after decided to treat its customers in the most thoughtful way.

According to a video shared on Matwana Culture Instagram page, one could spot KFC food packages well placed on several seats of the matatu.

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The person holding the camera opened one of the packages showing two packages inside, one containing some fries and another one containing pieces of chicken.

It was also noted that the matatu was new and it was hitting the road for the first time.

“Pale Mombasa kuna pesa kuna standards, gari inaingia job day 1 kila mtu anapewa combo ya KFC. Nairobi gari mpya nikupiga nduru kama wazimu na kufagia barabara kama kanjo. When the students are ready, the master appears,” wrote Matwana Culture.


@_heartieloraine: Ata mkinipitisha stage hakuna shida (sic)

@_.kr00k: If you want to talk to Umoja residents talk to them directly stop going through the corners

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@victembo: Nairobi wana weka gari juu ya trailer, bure kabisa (sic)

@nelyl_lyne: I hope Rongai is seeing what other routes are doing for their people

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