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Mombasa Family Demands Apology from Mike Sonko for Using Their Kin’s Grave to Campaign

Mombasa gubernatorial seat aspirant in the forthcoming August 9 General Election Mike Sonko is on the spot for allegedly faking his mother’s grave for political mileage.

During his campaigns in the coastal city on Friday, May 6, Sonko visited Kikowani Cemetery where he showed Kalonzo Musyoka, a grave he claimed belonged to his mother.

The flamboyant politician reportedly told the Wiper boss that his late mother was laid to rest at the cemetery 25 years ago.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, a family has come out to claim the ownership of the grave, accusing Sonko of using their kin’s resting place to gain fame.

Abubakar Aboud, a Mombasa resident, said the grave belongs to his mother, who was buried there seven years ago.

The middle-aged man said it was disgraceful for a high ranking politician like Sonko to use people’s graves to gain fame and sympathy.

“That grave which Mike Sonko claims to belong to his mother is a lie. That grave is ours, and my mother Mariam Ali was buried there seven years ago,” Abubakar told TUKO.

Mike Sonko (l) and Kalonzo Musyoka. PHOTO | COURTESY

The irked man disclosed that they pay a yearly fee to maintain their mother’s grave, terming Sonko’s move to claim the ownership of the grave as a big joke.

“We cannot allow this kind of jokes that Sonko is trying to bring to Mombasa from Nairobi. Yes, he is at liberty to campaign but not around our mother’s grave,” he added.

Consequently, the family demanded an immediate apology from Sonko for trespassing.

Sonko’s move elicited varied reactions on social media.

Ben Omari said: “Party after party man has extended his theatrics to Mombasa. Whoever can vote for sonko must be a Mathare visitor in waiting.”

Stephen Ndungu said: “Kalonzo should mind the company he keeps. Otherwise, he will end up with unnecessary murk.”

Nga Nga said: “Sonko stealing a grave And why would he show Kalonzo a grave?”

James Mwambao said: “Sonko’s Mama was buried 15 years back, another 7 years later someone else will be buried there, the Muslim burial of the grave is not cemented it will be used in later years politics aside.”

Akua Ouma Nyaseme said: “Populism is not leadership. Mombasa voters are wiser. Sonko’s theatrics only appeal to simple minds like those who voted him in Nairobi thrice. His populist antics have now become #gravematters.”

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