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Mixed emotions as mother reunites with son after 42 years

A man recently sparked reactions on social media after reuniting with his mum after a whooping 42 years of being apart from each other.

According to a report by Fox 19, Trevor Thomas’ efforts to find her mother came to an end a the beginning of the year when he landed on his adoption records.

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After coming across the records, he immediately started searching for his mum now that he had her email and name.

“I attached a baby picture, put on the title of the email my birthday, then sent her the email. I just figured, if this is her real e-mail and she sees the picture and birthday, she’ll know it’s me,” said Thomas.

Fortunately, the email reached April Landrum who disclosed that she jumped out of her seat with jubilation after receiving the email.

“Like, oh my God, this is him! My stomach dropped. I texted all my sisters,” said Landrum.

According to the woman, her first encounter with her son after years is a memory that will stay in her mind for ages.

“I said I wasn’t gonna cry, because I’m past this. But to see him, touch him and hold him, and just be able to love on him in the present day, is everything,” she said.

She further explained that she found herself pregnant at the age of 15 and had no other option but to let Thomas be raised by a family that had the ability.

“I was mad at God for a long time for letting this happen. But I asked what kind of life he had, and he said he loves his mother and father and they treated him well, so I was good,” said Landrum.

On his side, Thomas said;

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“I have two sisters, and we don’t look anything alike, so just to see people that look like me, and see people that look like my daughter, it’s pretty intense.”

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