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Miss Morgan reveals how body size almost halted her acting career

Former Tahidi High actor Angel Waruinge, alias Miss Morgan has revealed some of the challenges she faced in the acting industry due to body size.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japani, the actress said she lost many acting roles over what directors and producers termed as imperfect body size.

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Miss Morgan noted that she was perfect for most of the roles she auditioned but she was left out due to her weight.

The discouraging incidents forced her to focus on a fitness regime to cut wait so as to land TV roles.

”Actually, losing weight is something I started thinking about back in 2016. I was not fat but the weight made me to have low self-esteem. Also, my weight used to deny me many acting roles and works.” Miss Morgan revealed.

This came a month after the mother of one explained why she is not on social media.

Miss Morgan noted that fame comes with its own harsh situations which can’t be tolerated sometimes.

Even though she got her fair share of viral moments over the years, she told YouTuber Obayi that she dislikes social media since there is no privacy.

“You do not have privacy, once you are a famous person or a celebrity people will always find you,” she said.

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She further stated that you would never find her on social media since she abhors attention.

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