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Men’s Conference: Twitter Erupts in Hilarity as Men Protest Valentine’s Day

As other couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is time for the men’s conference again and Kenyans have flooded social media to mark the climax of the conference with hilarious memes.

The three-day meeting is aimed at empowering the boy child and it is normally held in uttermost secrecy in an undisclosed location to outsiders. 

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The idea of the men’s conference was in a bid to avoid responsibilities on Valentine’s Day and create a safe haven for men who don’t wish to spend on the said day. 

The conference is usually proceeded over by Eldoret tycoon Jackson Kibor, relationship coach Amerix and media personality Andrew Kine among others. 

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Here are hilarious reactions sampled from #MensConfrence2022 tag which was trending for the better part of the day.

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