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Maureen Waititu pens sweet message to mark mother’s birthday

Social media influencer Maureen Waititu on Tuesday, October 19 put up a lengthy social media post to mark her mother’s birthday.

Through her Instagram page, the mother of two recalled her childhood life and how she would stay months without seeing her but her mother would surpruse her with gifts occasionally.

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“You see, my mom raised me the best way she knew how, I couldn’t see her for months when I was a young girl as she was always out working-she made sure I got all the books in the world, she stormed to school whenever anyone would cross me and give them a piece of her mind

“She always had a plan, she bought me the best clothes and shoes, she was loud and flamboyant especially when she’d show up every Christmas and throw parties for days at home hence her nickname Wamunyiriri,” Waititu wrote in part.

Waititu added that albeit their solid relationship, they also had their ups and downs.

Anyway, just like any other relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs and in my very open healing journey, one of the most liberating things I have had to do really is let go of what her perfect mothering to me should have been,” she said.


“I am so privileged to know this now and I am able to be a better parent to my kids in order to break this mother wound cycle, break generational curses and give my kids a healthy environment with a childhood that they will not have to heal from.”

In November 2020, Waititu hinted at getting into a new relationship, however, promising to keep it away from social media.

Speaking during a recent interview on NTV, the model stated that she will only let people know that she is dating, but will never show off her husband.

She also noted that when they got to social media with her ex-lover Frankie Just Gym It, they were innocent and they did not know what harm social media can cause.

“When we got on social media with Frankie, we did not know. We were very young. Very innocent. I will never put my marriage out on social media. I can tell people there is someone but not show him off,” she said.

The single mother of two added that she regrets putting her life on social media, nothing that anything that goes to social media is permanent.

“I have regretted. Anything that goes on social media is permanent. If you show people a lot, they will scrutinize. People say things they do not know. Although the truth hurts, I will never show my man on social media,” she added.

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